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Identify: Engaged,
Long-term Contributors

Better Hires, Better Outcomes

Title: Identify Engaged, Long-term Contributors

The full report Better Hires, Better Outcomes contains findings from 6,086 healthcare assessments, detailing the "Triple Aim-plus" view of candidates—making it easier to identify those most likely to stay and grow with your organization.

A stronger economy is increasing turnover in health systems. Demand for labor, especially nurses, has grown as more—and increasingly older—patients have been added to the insurance rolls. At the same time, the most experienced nurses are retiring in droves (2015 Survey of Registered Nurses). The tight labor supply is forcing health systems to compete for the best talent, by offering attractive wages and benefits.

Extensive research indicates that lack of engagement is compounding retention issues, negatively impacting productivity (especially when employees leave), as well as patient satisfaction and safety. It also undermines employees’ willingness to work to top of their licensure—the desired performance standard within all healthcare systems.

Fortunately, identifying engaged employees can stop being a hit-or-miss proposition. DDI’s assessments can accurately ascertain if a candidate is a good fit (for healthcare and your organization), and whether he or she will thrive and continue to contribute to the organization.

High scoring leaders were approximately four times more likely to be engaged than low scoring leaders. Overall (across all assessment participants), high scorers were twice as likely to be engaged vs. low scorers.

Identify Engaged, Long-term Contributors

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