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Inspirational Leaders

Better Hires, Better Outcomes

Title: Identify Inspirational Leaders

The full report Better Hires, Better Outcomes contains findings from 6,086 healthcare assessments, detailing the "Triple Aim-plus" view of candidates—making it easier to identify those most likely to stay and grow with your organization.

The ongoing transformation of healthcare requires a new type of leader. The rampant consolidation of entities has brought former competitors together, joined disparate cultures and disciplines, and centralized operational and strategic decision-making. As a result, health system leaders must work across silos and drive collaboration and care coordination.

Frontline leaders, in particular, must translate the organization’s cultural imperatives for their teams.

DDI’s Healthcare Leader assessment identifies these leaders who can build teams and strategic working relationships, drive and facilitate change, delegate authority, and coach and develop their associates to achieve high standards.

Leaders who scored highest on the assessment were 3.7 times more likely to drive efficiency than those scoring lowest. This is especially critical in highly matrixed environments and for controlling costs. Top scorers were also nearly twice as likely to contribute to the achievement of their organization’s vision.

Identify Inspirational Leaders

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