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Identify: Service
Orientation Champions

Better Hires, Better Outcomes

Title: Identify Service Orientation Champions

The full report Better Hires, Better Outcomes contains findings from 6,086 healthcare assessments, detailing the "Triple Aim-plus" view of candidates—making it easier to identify those most likely to stay and grow with your organization.

Service is an increasingly important differentiator for health systems. High-deductible plans have put the power of the purse in the hands of consumers, who look to social media and patient feedback sites to guide their out-of-pocket spend.

But, unlike the average retail customer, patients are under duress. They are vulnerable. Beyond physical needs—medication, meals, vital sign monitoring, etc.—they have acute emotional needs. They are looking for reassurance, respect, and compassion.

How can health systems confidently select employees who will deliver the kind of exemplary service that can increase patient satisfaction and HCAHPS/provider scores?

High scorers on DDI healthcare assessments are 43 percent more likely to be top performers in critical service predictors and outcomes, including Care Management and Patient Focus. They are also twice as likely to excel at making decisions and problem solving and have higher-level patient interactions.

Identify Service Orientation Champions

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