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John DeSantis

VP, Consulting Services

As Vice President, Executive Services based in the United Kingdom, John brings experienced human resources and talent management experiences within the C-suite and at the executive level to DDI’s international and domestic clients. He works with clients across many industries, with special emphasis on energy (E&Ps), manufacturing (major automotives), banking, fashion and apparel, and health care. John’s strong focus on how behavior and personality impact performance in the context of role and business challenges guides the success of his C-suite clients.

His areas of expertise include talent management, human resource systems, executive succession, performance management, success profiling, and C-level performance dynamics. He collaborated on the development of DDI's approach to executive coaching and executive development, which has at its core a focus on identifying and developing the leadership priorities and imperatives that will drive business execution.

John has designed, delivered, and led talent management programs for numerous Fortune 500 companies, including BNY Mellon, BP, Chrysler, Citigroup, Halliburton, ING, Rolls Royce, and Shell.

Education and Credentials

  • M.S. from Geneva College
  • B.A. from Saint Vincent College

Key Capabilities and Experience

John’s recent projects include:

  • Managing senior leader assessment, development, and succession activities for an $11 billion global apparel and footwear company.
  • Configuring and managing C-suite assessment and development activities for a $14 billion diversified national managed health care company.
  • Supporting executive succession initiatives for an $8 billion global information technology and software engineering firm.
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