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Service Plus® for Healthcare

Ensure Excellent Service for Patient Loyalty

Does your staff have trouble relating to patients on a personal basis? Can they meet or exceed needs? Do they struggle to "recover" a service situation with a dissatisfied patient? 

DDI’s Service Plus® program for healthcare services helps your staff develop key skills to deliver top-quality patient care. When your employees show these skills, you get patients who demonstrate “the three R’s” of loyalty:

  • Return to your facility because they view you as their healthcare provider of choice.
  • Refer others.
  • Relate to service providers as partners in their care.

Build Patient Loyalty with Service Plus®

With DDI’s Service Plus® program for healthcare services, your staff can:

  • Understand the impact excellent service has on achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Describe the two basic needs of patients and other customers.
  • Use Key Principles to meet the personal needs of patients and other customers.
  • Use Service Steps to meet the practical needs of patients and other customers.
  • Balance their use of Key Principles and Service Steps.
  • Take the HEAT when dealing with dissatisfied patients and other customers.
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Essentials of Service Plus®

This half-day course is designed for healthcare staff and can be delivered by DDI-certified facilitators.

The course explores:

  • The Service Challenge: Learners discuss the differences between satisfaction and loyalty across a variety of patients. They also better understand their role as service providers.
  • Personal and Practical Needs: Learners brainstorm patient needs and learn about personal and practical needs.
  • Key Principles: Key Principles for meeting personal needs are presented around esteem, empathy, and involvement.
  • Steps to Service: Through a positive video model and discussion, participants learn a four-step process to meet practical needs and confirm satisfaction.

Applying Service Excellence Every Day

In addition, Service Plus® helps your staff build and practice the essential skills to provide everyday service excellence. The course also includes:

  • Extraordinary Service Opportunities: Talkers and Walkers: Learners discuss two types of dissatisfied patients. After that, they learn how to use a four-step process—Taking the
    HEAT—to work towards patient satisfaction.
  • Skill Practice: Learners take on the roles of service providers and patients to practice using all the skills.
  • Extending Your Learning: Learners record and share skills they will use immediately with patients.
  • Support Tools: Additional resources help learners practice and apply skills beyond the half-day course. Plus, a Manager’s Guide helps leaders of learners support and reinforce new skills.