How Caterpillar Develops Frontline Leaders Worldwide

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The Need

With a huge global population of young and first-time leaders, Caterpillar needed to develop core frontline leadership skills consistently to ensure a strong next generation of leaders.

The Solution

An enterprise-wide frontline leadership development program with blended and mixed-modality learning, including peer networking and coaching for reinforcement.

The Result

Caterpillar so far delivered 142 cohorts to over 2,800 frontline managers worldwide, which is triple the number forecasted. The company is on pace to reach 80% of its global frontline manager population within the first two years of deployment.

It is vital that learners feel ownership of their development and confident the learning can be immediately applied to their day-to-day work.

Designing Relevant and Impactful Frontline Leader Development

Leading construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar has a population of approximately 7,000 leaders globally and needed to ready their new generation of leaders with core manager skills to inspire employees and meet customer demands. With such a large, diverse, and global group of frontline leaders, the L&D team at Caterpillar conducted an enterprise-wide learning needs analysis to understand learning preferences and to target the most relevant topics to ensure on-the-job application.

Explore the key findings of Caterpillar’s learning analysis and how the company used the data in partnership with the leadership development experts at DDI to build a standard, yet personalized frontline leader program that was easy to deploy and adapt worldwide.

Plus, understand how the L&D team at Caterpillar ensured key stakeholder support throughout implementation and deployment and achieved rapid program expansion and high learner satisfaction scores.

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