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Caring for the Environment

DDI’s practices to reduce our global footprint

Because DDI is committed to minimizing our impact on the Earth, we have been taking steps to implement responsible environmental-conservation practices across the company. Our strategy focuses on several key areas: proactive recycling, and use of recycled materials, the efficiency of our buildings and production processes, and smart product design.

DDI also continues to look for ways to reduce our footprint; in fact, environmental conservation is discussed at the executive level on a monthly basis.

Here are a few examples of DDI’s environmental initiatives:


DDI works to recycle many different materials, not only with individual associates, but also through company-wide initiatives. In addition to paper, cans and bottles, DDI recycles light bulbs, computer parts, toner cartridges, printing plates, paper scrap, printing ink, silver (from film) and toner.

In its printing process, DDI also uses recycled paper. We purchase paper from a company that is part of the sustainable-forest initiative to ensure that the 120 million pages of paper printed a year are coming from an environmentally responsible source.

Building Efficiency

DDI’s headquarters has undergone an energy audit to establish a baseline of gas and electricity usage, compare our usage to efficient buildings, and identify opportunities for improvement. The key actions from this audit include motion sensors to control lighting in key areas, improved computer patching to allow computers to be turned off at night, the use of energy-efficient bulbs and a new heating system. DDI continues to evaluate its energy usage and implement new procedures to maximize it.

Production Processes

In addition to decreasing the amount of print materials we produce, DDI’s printing process strives to be environmentally responsible through the reduction of scrap and waste. This includes using environmentally friendly chemicals to wash the printing press, cleaning waste water, using paper made from recycled material and recycling key printing materials, including ink, silver, film and toner.

Additionally, the reduction of print materials means that fewer materials have to be shipped in and out. A strict delivery schedule from our printing facility ensures that every trip is maximized.

Product Design

In recent years, DDI has reduced the size of our workbooks and handouts for workshops and has made other training materials available online. This extends to marketing materials where we’ve added a print-on-demand option for items such as brochures, white papers and research reports. Electronic forms also have replaced paper forms throughout the company, and even paper pay stubs have been replaced by electronic versions. These practices reduce the amount of unused print materials that eventually become outdated and encourage people to read items online.

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