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Architect Your Talent Strategy

Translate your business priorities into leadership profiles

If you could hardwire leadership capability to your key business strategies, what would that look like?

Competency Management at Its Most Competent
Use well-defined competencies that are in line with your business priorities.
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A great talent strategy has to start with where your business is going—and what your leaders need in their toolbox to take you there.

DDI’s approach to talent strategy begins with defining leadership success through the lens of your specific business, and combining that with those imperatives that are driving your business forward.

DDI works with you to create a roadmap of your most critical strategies, and then identify the elements that will define success for your leaders—and tie those back to the business.

By examining short- and long-term business goals, your industry and competitive landscape, and your senior leaders' vision of the future, DDI helps you align your talent to your business with:

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