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Accelerate your next generation of senior leaders

While the world presents more challenging business conditions, the availability of leaders ready to tackle them is declining. But by generating more energy with the right succession planning and management strategy, organizations can accelerate more ready-now leaders.

DDI works with you to build commitment for succession management to elevate leadership growth to a competitive business priority, forecast leadership scenarios, gather precise data about their people and propel emerging leaders into new challenges that build skills.

We’ll guide your succession planning and management process by helping you think about the assets you already have that can be transformed into sources of energy and acceleration so that you generate the leadership you need when and where your business needs it.

Here's how organizations like yours have achieved succession management success:

high-potential retention rate
improvement of key positions filled by internal candidates
of key roles had ready successors in places

DDI helps you get the right leaders ready faster by building a succession strategy to:

Define Your Leadership Future

We work with you to co-create a succession management strategy that hardwires leadership capabilities to your business future. DDI helps you align your talent to your business with:

  • A definition of the key drivers for your organization, which include the strategic priorities, the business landscape, and the challenges your leaders will face.
  • A holistic profile of your leaders, by defining the competencies, experience, knowledge, and personal attributes required for them to be successful.
Define Your Leadership Future

Unleash Leadership Potential

To create your future, DDI works with you to identify the potential in everyone, including leaders with the greatest trajectory for leadership growth. Isn't it time to ensure a steady supply of diverse, capable individuals and leaders to build a strong and sustainable pipeline? Our succession planning and management tools have the sophisticated capability necessary to help you uncover your future leaders, including:

  • An online tool that measures current leadership performance and future leadership potential.
  • A simulation-based leadership assessment to identify leadership strengths and capability gaps.
  • A virtual self-assessment that identifies leadership potential earlier in employees' careers.
Magnify Leadership Potential

Diagnose Readiness

For your succession management journey ahead, you need a clear snapshot of leader readiness across your organization. DDI can help you get it. And with this targeted intelligence on your leaders’ gaps, you can make more sure-footed and confident promotion decisions and create more focused talent development initiatives. Gain more intelligence about your leaders through:

  • Leadership assessments at every level of the pipeline, from the CEO to the frontline, for more actionable intelligence about your leaders.
  • A 360-degree multirater feedback system that identifies strengths and development needs.
Succession Management Readiness

Accelerate Development

It's time to energize leaders for faster ascent. You can count on DDI to help you find the right mix for your leaders, so you can more quickly prepare your middle managers and senior leaders for your organization’s unique succession planning and management demands. Engage your leaders with:

  • Development solutions that help middle managers and senior leaders succeed in today’s business landscape.
  • Executive coaching that helps fast-trackers and senior leaders address major challenges in their roles and their businesses.
  • Learning journeys that integrate formal learning with experiential and social learning.
  • Experiential learning that puts leaders into key senior roles.
Accelerate Development

Manage C-level Transitions

Your highest-risk promotion and development decisions need to be made with the highest level of leadership intelligence available. DDI can help you get better data, make better decisions, and blaze a clearer path to ensure smooth CEO and C-Suite promotions and transitions. DDI works with you to align senior stakeholders including board decision-makers, collect the most rigorous data to make better decisions, and blaze a clearer succession path for your future leaders to ascend to your top leadership positions with:

  • Intensive C-level assessment designed to simulate the unique challenges of the C-Suite.
  • Executive coaching for senior leaders in the midst of major challenges.
Manage C-level Transitions

Drive Impact

As the need to evaluate impact heightens, you have an opportunity to understand the future mismatches between talent and strategy, and evaluate a program's impact through individual, leader population, and organization-level metrics. As your capable analytics partner, we'll help engage your C-suite with the right data to:

  • Adjust and realign talent management strategy.
  • Deliver more business impact with evaluation and analytics.
Succession Management Impact
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