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Leader Selection in Australia

Spotlight on senior leaders to be right for role

Leaders, especially senior leaders, play a critical role within organisations. Why is it then that hiring and promotion decisions about them are not treated with the same criticality?

Australia is seeing a major focus on sourcing talent—but this has not been matched by a similar focus on effective selection. It is almost redundant to spend time and energy on sourcing candidates without having a selection strategy in place to ensure the right senior leaders are being selected to execute on your business priorities.

Get powerful insights about candidates that improves the quality and efficiency of your senior leader selection decisions

Download our guidebooks to explore our approach to assessment for selection.

  • Guidebook 1 | Focus: Learn what can be done to minimise the risks within the recruitment process and maximise the chance of getting the right senior leaders on board. Read trends in the current state of recruitment and selection and learn three best practices for re-focusing your senior leader selection process.
  • Guidebook 2 | Data: Are your hiring managers corrupting your selection process…without even knowing it? What data are you collecting about senior leaders in your selection process? Dealing with data doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. Here are some best practices for collecting selection data fit for role and your organisation.
  • Guidebook 3 | Insight: Collecting data plays a critical role in a robust and efficient senior leader selection process. Data alone will not transform your senior leader selection process. The key is to turn data in to INSIGHT. Learn three ways that data can be used to drive insight; leading to better senior leader hiring decisions.

How does your selection process stack up? Take our benchmark quiz and find out.

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