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Our Management Team

Makoto Nakano

Board of Director, MSC

Mr. Nakano has more than 15 years of experience in the HR management industry, providing leadership development solutions and assessment to many domestic and multi-national corporations in Japan. As a senior consultant he annually conducts more than 50 sessions of leadership training with DDI technologies. Utilizing his operational experience in the airline industry, he conducts training that is filled with insights from his hands-on experiences. His clients have included the leading Japanese insurance and credit card company for assessment, and Ministry of foreign affairs, manufacturing, electronic, pharmaceutical, automotive, and cosmetic companies for leadership development.

Education and Credentials

Bachelor of Engineering, Department of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, Tokyo

DDI-certified facilitator for Business Impact Leadership.

DDI-certified facilitator for DDI Learning Systems

DiSC certified facilitator

Key Capabilities and Experience

Makoto is responsible for leading multiple strategic initiatives, and guiding MSC associates to behave in a way that exemplifies the strategic vision of the company, to enhance the value of MSC for clients. He takes a leadership role and works on skill development and knowledge enhancement of MSC consultants as a board of director for consulting, product development, quality control, resource management and the global services division.

He has extensive experience in managing international engagements of talent management initiatives, servicing Japanese companies that are expanding business globally, servicing foreign multinational companies with operations in Japan, and supporting the professional growth and development of senior leaders through assessment, feedback, development planning, and coaching.

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