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Product List—available in Japanese


Assessing Talent®
Behavioral assessments for first- and second-level leaders.

Assessing Talent®: Operational & Strategic Leader Assessments
Proven assessment tools and methods for insight into leader capabilities.

Business Drivers
An objective, measurable connection between strategy and competencies.

Leadership Mirror® (360 multirater)
Web-based, multirater feedback system for 360-degree surveys.

Success ProfilesSM (competency management)
Competencies, personal attributes, knowledge, and experience that define an ideal performer.

Targeted Selection® (behavioral interviewing)
Behavioral interviewing system to provide a structured, consistent approach.


Business Impact Leadership® Mid-Level Series
Suite of courses to equip mid-level leaders to meet business challenges.

Executive Focus Coaching
Highly personalized plan and coaching relationship to strengthen an executive’s performance.

Interaction Management®
Comprehensive leadership development system to build essential leadership skills.

Learning Journeys
Custom-designed leadership development experiences anchored on your business strategy.

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