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Global Leadership Forecast 2018
Singapore Report

25 Research Insights to Fuel Your People Strategy

The Global Leadership Forecast is one of the most expansive leadership research projects ever conducted. This 8th edition integrates data from over 25,000 leaders and more than 2,500 HR professionals across 2,400+ organizations around the world.

As a global organization, we recognize the value in providing country specific data to support the market needs of individual countries.

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  • Get practical steps you can use to build, reinforce, or develop your leadership strategy.
  • Find answers to leadership business issues drawing on notable outcomes from research.
  • Draw on proven, high-impact leadership practices to gain a sustained competitive advantage.
  • Compare your corporate HR trends with that of current Singapore findings.

Using the Data

The 25 findings are clustered into six categories. Each of the findings share this common format:

  1. Description of the context for the business issue.
  2. Visualization of the key data.
  3. Description of the key leadership implications.
  4. Specific guidance for converting research evidence to recommended actions of two types; "Where to Start" and "How to Excel + Differentiate."
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