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Ready-Now Leaders: Meeting Tomorrow’s Manufacturing Talent Challenges

What happens to efficiency, quality, and productivity without the right talent?

This industry report will enable you and manufacturing leaders to address the top talent-related barriers to revenue growth by exploring the findings and any of the 10 proven practices:

  1. Activate your leadership talent supply
  2. Address early and late career talent supply problems
  3. Hire for maximum ROI
  4. Reap the rewards of gender diversity
  5. Dig a deeper pipeline
  6. Drive employee development, retention, and engagement
  7. Interact, don’t manage
  8. Avoid scrap learning
  9. Move HR from Partner to Anticipator
  10. Leverage talent Analytics

As part of the Global Leadership Forecast 2014|2015 from DDI and The Conference Board, this report highlights findings on the current state of leadership and leadership practices in manufacturing based on survey responses from 3,143 leaders and 1,332 human resource executives in manufacturing organizations.

Talk to an Expert: Ready-Now Leaders: Meeting Tomorrow’s Manufacturing Talent Challenges
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