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Ensuring your leaders have what it takes. Across 93 countries/regions.

Main Office
DDI-Asia/Pacific International, Ltd. (Taiwan)
46F/B, Taipei 101 Tower, No.7, Xin Yi Rd, Sec 5, Taipei 110, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: +(8862) 8101-0468    Fax: +(8862) 8101-0169
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Developing & accelerating leaders to meet current and future business needs

Since 1997, DDI Taiwan has worked with some of the most successful local and multinational organizations in Taiwan on their talent management strategies. Utilizing world-class research and evidence-based development methodologies, we partner with organizations to select, develop, retain, and grow leadership talent to execute on business priorities.

FarEasTone Telecommunications' Story
Common leadership language and comprehensive talent review drive strong leadership amid transformation for this Taiwanese telecom. [Read more]

With state-of-the-art acceleration, development, and training centers, we help organizations identify, select, and accelerate leadership talent. And we’ve done so since 1976, preparing more than 20,000 executives for key leadership roles and new business opportunities and accrediting more than 2,500 facilitators to deliver our award-winning leadership development solutions.

The Taiwan office is part of the Greater China infrastructure of five wholly owned branches, including Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. We have the experience and infrastructure to ensure projects run efficiently, are scalable, and deliver exceptional results.

Our Expertise

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