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DDI Narrows the Gap between Learning and Performing with Technology-infused Leadership Development Solutions

Denver—Today, Development Dimensions International (DDI), the global leadership development consultancy, unveiled its series of technology-infused Leadership Development Solutions, tools and experiences, designed to close learning and performance gaps through a new model for success. This announcement comes as part of DDI’s ongoing efforts to continually improve business-leader outcomes.

Categories and modalities of DDI’s Leadership Development Solutions include: assessment, self-insight tools, virtual classrooms, web-based and instructor-led training and microcourses (70+ topics delivered in short bursts of learning), mobile and social learning, videos, games, virtual simulations, application tools, measurement and manager support offerings.

For more than 45 years, scientists at DDI have studied how leaders learn, develop and retain learning and how that strengthens organizational growth and bottom-line success. “We know that today’s leaders require a development experience that meets their needs and can grab and hold their attention in the first place,” said Barry Stern, Ph.D., DDI Senior Vice President, Accelerated Development Solutions. “As organizations shift responsibility for learning directly to the learners, learners today are looking for learning that is meaningful and personalized, and they will use all the technology at their disposal to uncover it. We make it easy for them by providing solutions that are proven, relevant, engaging, and accessible.”


Development for Today’s Learner—A New Model for Success

To address this paradigm shift, DDI collaborated with Carnegie Mellon University’s METALS program (Masters in Educational Technology and Learning Science) to develop an alternative way to think about acquisition, learning and performance and that illustrates both the challenges of the modern learner and ways to create successful impact. The resulting “Fan Model” became the linchpin for DDI’s Leadership Development Solutions and identifies the three stages necessary to narrow the gap between learning and performing. They include: Engage—in today’s era of too much information, learners automatically filter out instead of filter in; Learn—by maximizing the learning environment and application with various technology; and Grow—towards mastery of particular skills or knowledge. “DDI wraps science around our leadership development solutions and provides a robust and flexible array of content, tools and delivery options that will meet learner’s needs. We strive to collapse the fan and narrow or eliminate the gaps in learning and performance by providing impactful and effective development solutions at each stage.” said Stern.

Watch a video to learn more about the Fan Model and DDI’s Leadership Development Solutions at

“In all functions, and particularly in learning and development, technology offers great opportunities both for misuse and learning,” said Stern. “By harnessing and leveraging all the science and technology at our disposal and continually working to understand where technology can take us, we will continue to find ways to ensure leader success, even as paradigms shift.”

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Available for interviews:
Barry Stern, Ph.D., DDI Senior Vice President, Accelerated Development Solutions

Visit DDI at ATD in Booth 800 in the Expo Hall to learn more.  Also attend TU24EXD: Barry Stern and Liza Hummel’s presentation titled, Close the #LearningPerforming Gap: The Rise of the Learning Experience Manager, in room 504 on Tuesday, May 24, from 4:30 – 5:30 p.m., CT.

Talk to an Expert: DDI Narrows the Gap between Learning and Performing with Technology-infused Leadership Development
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