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Five Better Ways to Gift Your Boss This Boss's Day

First DDI LeaderPulse unveils data on what your boss really wants this Boss' Day. Hint: Forget the candy and putting green

PITTSBURGH  – There is actually a perfect gift for your boss after all. This Boss's Day, October 17, rather than guess at what gift will earn points with your boss, Development Dimensions International (DDI) reveals five gifts that will make a difference in making them a better leader.

These aren't gifts you'll wrap—but come in the shape of skills, feedback and enriched conversations that will keep on giving.

"It’s well-known that great leaders change lives – but in this research we flipped the script to find some surprising ways employees can make the leaders they appreciate more successful, engaged, and likely to stay,” said Evan Sinar. Ph.D., DDI's Chief Scientist and Vice President of the Center for Analytics and Behavioral Research.

Boss's Day marks the first DDI LeaderPulseSM, which will be released monthly starting October 2016. DDI's LeaderPulse will be a curation of DDI’s extensive leader data to look at trends, applying science to current events and delving into new research sources.

Upgrade your Boss's Day Gifts.
Here's what your leader really wants this year.

Trade the paperweight  for some heavy feedback.
Only 17% of leaders feel employees are excessively involved in their development – all the others want more feedback from their team.

Forgo the fancy pen for notes about your development needs.
89% of leaders look for opportunities every day to develop their employees.

While a box of chocolates may offer immediate gratification, leaders are looking for more substantial reasons to stay in the job.
Top drivers of leader retention: having a good work-life balance and seeing that their company firmly supports employee development.

Skip the #1 Boss coffee mug and send a real message about what you value most from your leader.

2X — that's how much more time leaders want to spend working directly with their employees coaching, collaboratively innovating, and celebrating successes.

Instead of that putting green, give your boss opportunities to hone their skills – in coaching and delegation, which will have far more impact on team performance.

43% of leaders don't get frequent chances to practice interaction skills that only improve with time and focus.

Data is from DDI’s most recent Global Leadership Forecast.

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Available for interviews:
Evan Sinar, Ph.D., DDI's Chief Scientist and Vice President of the Center for Analytics and Behavioral Research.

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