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Leaders Ready Now Debuts Arming Organizations to Accelerate Leadership Growth for Faster Organizational Growth

New book challenges CEOs and Talent Management leaders to change the leadership growth equation to stop robbing energy and grow ready leaders.

Pittsburgh—Businesses and economies around the world are in danger of faltering because of a serious absence of one thing—ready leaders. With businesses moving at breakneck speed, how can organizations ensure this critical need for their leaders to keep pace?

Leaders Ready NowLeaders Ready Now, a new book out today by three leadership experts at Development Dimensions International (DDI), challenges CEOs and talent management leaders to rethink lackluster approaches to accelerating leadership growth and to change the equation so that tools and processes don’t rob energy from the organization but instead, create it. The book is available at Amazon and

“The intense global need for leaders has sparked a proliferation of highly redundant ideas that fail to spark the energy essential for high-speed growth,” said co-author Matt Paese, Ph.D., vice president of DDI’s succession and C-Suite services. “In our experience with more than a thousand organizations, the leadership-acceleration efforts that fall short of their objectives are bound by a common description: They are aggressive in the pursuit of structure and application of tools, but anemic in the pursuit of energy.”

The leadership readiness gap is wide and growing. Consider these statistics—after adjusting for inflation, the 500th-ranked company in the Fortune 500 is nearly five times bigger in terms of revenue than it was in 1990. That means more leaders with much larger spans of control are crucial for success. Yet, only 2 in 10 companies have the leaders ready to meet tomorrow’s business challenges. Time and again, corporate executives are finding themselves delaying or withdrawing strategic priorities because they don’t have leaders ready to take them on.  And as organizations aim for those growth targets, DDI’s research shows that the right leaders can drive financial growth for their organizations and help mitigate potential risks.

Leaders Ready Now helps organizations unlock this much-needed energy by empowering their leaders to thoughtfully and systematically take risks. The book provides practical guidelines to how organizations can use existing resources, people, budgets, and time to transform succession and development systems and grow the leaders they need fast and fully enough to gain the advantage in a complex world.

Advanced praise for Leaders Ready Now has been abundant:

"Finding and having enough high-potential leaders in your pipeline is critical for growth, but how do we accelerate their readiness to take on the really big roles? Paese, Smith and Byham show us that the secret to growing leader readiness lies not in the talent, but in the energy we infuse in our processes and the level of risk we’re willing to take on our people."
--Allan H. Church, Ph.D., Vice President, Global Talent Assessment and Development, PepsiCo, Inc.

"Finally, a book that recognises trying to cram more learning into already busy lives will not deliver the leaders you need. Nor does this book offer a panacea or silver bullet to the serious issue of ready now leaders for your business: So why read it?  Because it encouraged me to think differently, take some risks and find the point where the anxiety to perform creates the energy to learn!"
--Dr. John Mahoney-Phillips, Global Head of Learning at Philips Lighting

Leaders Ready Now offers a practical prescription for dialing up your leadership capability and readiness velocity. Organizations interested in earning a winning position and staying ahead of their competition can’t afford to miss the pragmatic acceleration principles offered in Leaders Ready Now.”
--Laci Loew, Principle, Talent and Organizational Development

For more information about Leaders Ready Now, published by DDI Press, including a sample chapter, bonus content, author bios, book praise, and purchasing information, visit

Leaders Ready Now
By Matthew Paese, Audrey Smith, and William Byham
DDI Press
June 21, 2016
30.00, hardback; 352 pages,
ISBN 0976151472

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Available for interviews: Matt Paese, Ph.D.

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