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GO Magazine 2015 Issue 1

GO provides the information, inspiration, and perspective HR leaders, managers, and practitioners—as well as those from outside of HR—need to make their leaders more effective, make their organizations more successful, and make themselves proud of the work they do.

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View a video of Audrey Smith discussing Leader3 Ready®.


Check out stories on VF’s “brand” new approach to global talent, a sampling of illuminating findings from the Global Leadership Forecast 2014ǀ2015, and the need for retirement management.

Title: VF’s “Brand” New Approach to Global Talent
Ron Lawrence and his team have brought vision—and action—to remaking the global apparel giant’s talent management function. [Read more]
Title: Big Numbers. Big Insights.
The Global Leadership Forecast 2014 | 2015 draws on data from more than 13,000 leaders and 1,500 HR executives worldwide to reveal important insights on talent management. [Read more]
Title: Are Retirements About to Hit Your Organization Hard?
Valued older workers are thinking seriously about retirement again. Here’s why—and what your organization can do about it. [Read more]
Title: Coffee on the GO with Robert Safian
The editor and managing director of Fast Company on why being “fast” is about more than speed. [Read more]
Title: There’s a Process for That: Embracing the People Side of Lean
In manufacturing, ineffective workplace interactions are the 9th form of waste—one that can be eliminated! [Read more]
Title: Trend Tracker: How is HR Perceived by Business Leaders?
Information HR professionals should heed as they seek ways to become a more collaborative and valuable partner to business leaders. [Read more]
Title: What’s Going On
Introducing Leader3 Ready®, acknowledging ATD Best-in-Class Winners, and new IM: ExLSM Industrial Content available now! [Read more]
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