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What Does (and Doesn’t) Set Millennial Leaders Apart

DDI recently partnered with The Conference Board and RW2 Enterprises on research comparing leaders from the Millennial generation to older generations of leaders, as well as to current CEOs. This research, which included over 2,800 leaders at 14 major corporations, is the subject of “Can Millennial Leaders Become Tomorrow’s Great CEOs?” an essay that’s part of DDI’s Challenging Thinking Series. Read the article, which dispels many myths surrounding Millennial leaders, as well as the other essays in the series

Millennial Leaders Are Loyal…and Ambitious

Millennial LeadersOf the Millennial leaders surveyed, nearly 44 percent plan to stay at their current companies more than 15 years—compared to just 29 percent of leaders from other organizations who plan to stay that long. Millennial leaders, however, are hungry for growth, and expect to rise quickly through the ranks.

Millennial Leaders’ Expected Transition Time by Level

What Millennials Don’t Want: An Open Floorplan

When it comes to what they want in a workplace, Millennial leaders don’t highly value open floor plans or an absence of hierarchy. Instead, they want two things above all else: flexibility and mentoring by senior leaders.

Open Floor Plan

Importance of Characteristics in Designing a Workplace for Millennials

Telling Number


Where Millennial leaders ranked developmental assignments when asked to rate nine leadership development methods by effectiveness.

Source: Divergent Views/Common Ground: The Leadership Perspectives of C-Suite Executives and Millennial Leaders

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