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GOnewsletter December 08, 2015

What’s Trending as 2016 Starts

Here’s a look at what the top social leadership and HR influencers are talking about most on Twitter. Click here to join the conversation by following DDI on Twitter.

When Numbers LieIs 70:20:10 Relevant Today? Or Are We Living in the Past?
70:20:10 has long been a rule of thumb for how people learn. In light of a finding from the Global Leadership Forecast 2014 ǀ 2015, Tacy Byham wonders if 70:20:10 is still relevant for today’s learners. Or are we living in the past? [ Read Part 1 ] [ Read Part 2 ]

Performance Is No GamePerformance Is No Game
Amazon has a generally positive customer perception and its financial growth is off the charts. Still, as Rich Wellins points out, the company’s “talent is disposable” approach to performance management, which includes forced ranking, is reminiscent of the plot of The Hunger Games. [ Read the Blog ]

Think Differently About Your FrontlineIt’s Time to Think Differently About Your Frontline
Strategic leaders provide vision and direction and set organizational strategies in place. Mid-level leaders execute those strategies and drive the organization forward. But, as Kevin Cook points out, these leaders come from the front line—where the focus on your pipeline needs to start. [ Think Differently ]

Retirements Are About to Hit HardAre Retirements About to Hit Your Organization Hard?
Valued older workers are thinking seriously about retirement again. Here’s why—and what your organization can do about it. [ Read the Article ]

Performance Management ReviewedPerformance Management Reviewed
Seventy-one percent of organizations want to improve or reinvent their approach to performance management. Here are the top barriers to improvement and the reasons why technology can’t do it alone. [ Read the White Paper ]

Catalyst LeadersYour New Job: The Catalyst Leader
Catalyst leaders represent the gold standard—energetic, supportive, forward-thinking mentors who spark action in others. Tacy Byham explains what makes a catalyst leader—and what it takes to have more of them in your organization. [ Read the Blog ]

Big Data11 Watchwords on the State and Future of Talent Management Analytics
What do we talk about when we talk about talent management analytics? DDI’s chief scientist, Evan Sinar, recently spent three days at a leading industry conference where 11 words that came up again and again said plenty about the current and future state of analytics. [ Read the Results ]

Walking the TightropeStuck in the Middle with You: The Middle Matters
In his blog series, Mark Busine discusses the importance of understanding mid-level leaders’ needs in the context of unique business priorities [ Part 1 ], examines the key challenges that new and existing mid-level leaders face [ Part 2 ], and prescribes actions organizations can take to ensure a robust transition and development [ Part 3 ].

Hi-PotentialsDon’t Lose Your High Potentials to Another Team
The size of your high-potential pool might mean the difference between retaining and losing your future stars. In her blog, Stephanie Neal looks at this surprising finding from the Global Leadership Forecast. [ Read the Blog ]

Talk to an Expert: 2015: The Year in Leadership and Talent Management
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