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GOnewsletter Issue 31

Five hands with reminder ribbons on a finger.
At the nexus of current learning science, organizational dynamics, and technology are the secrets to minimizing forgetting and cutting learning waste. (from Chief Learning Officer)
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Manager holding a magnet that is attracting people.
Why organizations should quit trying so hard to be a place where Millennials want to work and focus instead on creating a workplace that appeals to all employees.
Big data code and an image of a person.
After years of talking about new learning technologies, a new study by Brandon Hall Group finds that organizations are finally getting serious about adopting them.
Handshake surrounded by business elements.
In this video, Matt Paese, co-author of the new book Leaders Ready Now explains how an organization can commit to a clear leadership acceleration strategy—with bold targets and prioritized effort.
Bullseye target surrounded by business elements.
It’s now possible to answer a dizzying array of questions about your leaders—once you understand how to effectively combine the right categories of data.
I 'heart' customers with five starts.
A leadership journey helps the furniture retailer upskill its leaders to bolster its reputation for customer satisfaction.

Talk to an Expert: Five Unforgettable Ways to Promote Learning Retention
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