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GOnewsletter Issue 43

Imagine There’s No Experienced Leaders
What would happen if you turned your entire company over to new leaders for a year? Given the many advantages that new leaders can bring, it’s an intriguing question.
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One Word to Describe Millennial Leaders? How About Surprising
Millennials may be the most scrutinized generation in history. But if one thing is certain about those who are already in the leadership ranks, it’s this: They defy stereotypes. (from CNBC)
10 questions to ask before becoming a leader
Do you want more money? More prestige? What about a boost for your career? Of course, you want all these things. But it doesn’t mean you really want to become a leader. These 10 questions will help you determine your true motivation.
3 Must Do's for Developing Leaders
Just because you launch a leadership development program doesn’t mean it’s going to work. Check out our recent webinar, “3 Must Do's for Developing Leaders,” to learn how to avoid program failure.
The Millennials Are Coming to the C-Suite
Join DDI’s Rich Wellins and The Conference Board’s Rebecca Ray, co-authors of a new study on the leadership perspectives of C-suite executives and Millennial leaders, for an information-packed virtual keynote on how Millennial leaders are like—and differ from—older leaders and current CEO’s. This keynote is perfect for Millennial leaders and anyone with a stake in their future success!

Talk to an Expert: Imagine Theres No Experienced Leaders
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