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GOnewsletter Issue 48

Leadership Potential Has No Value—Unless You Activate It!
Managers seeking innovation from their teams are often disappointed with the lackluster, stuck-in-the-status quo ideas that emerge. But the problem might be overlooking the leadership potential that exists on the team. (from Forbes)
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How PVH Is Evolving—By Evolving Its Talent
From the new issue of GO magazine: How the company behind such iconic apparel brands as CALVIN KLEIN and Tommy Hilfiger has built a comprehensive global talent management function.
Why Your Business Needs Disruptive Leadership
Leaders today are much more conscious of the threat of disruption—and are looking for ways to be the disruptors instead of being disrupted.
The One Thing a Leader Doesn’t Need: A Title
Leaders aren’t found only in leadership positions, which is why there can be tremendous benefits to developing the skills of those who don’t hold formal leadership titles or roles.
Are We Underselling the Promise of Women in STEM Leadership Roles?
Within a field that advances so quickly, why is it that progress for women in STEM is so abysmal? And what will it take to make change happen?

Talk to an Expert: Leadership Potential Has No Value Unless You Activate It
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