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GOnewsletter Issue 67

The ROI Problem with DIY Leadership Development
When leaders are left to manage their own development, too much is left to chance—especially the likelyhood of a maximum return on the time and resources invested. Read the Article
How to Manage Imposter Syndrome
Imposter syndrome, a deep feeling of inadequacy, is a common yet overlooked problem that creates stress and holds talented people back. Here are strategies to cope.
At Yale, The Future of Training Has “Virtually” Arrived!
Yale Medicine is piloting DDI’s virtual reality leadership development technology. And leaders are “blown away” by the VR experience, which provides an opportunity to practice soft skills in an immersive environment. Learn how you can bring a virtual reality pilot to your organization
Are Your Leaders the Coaches They Need to Be?
Coaching is the fastest way to upskill employees and enhance their performance. How can you create a coaching culture in your organization? Check out our upcoming webinar, Transform Your Company Through Coaching on July 18th, to learn powerful new techniques to develop your leaders’ coaching skills.
Register for LeaderCon 2019 Today for Advanced Pricing!
LeaderCon 2019, October 14-16 in Clearwater Beach, Florida, will offer an unmatched opportunity to hear success stories from more than 20 leading organizations. Register now to take advantage of the discounted advanced rate!
Introducing the Leadership 480 Podcast
A new podcast—just for leaders—offering insights, research, advice, practical tips, and expertise. Explore the latest episodes and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform.
Talk to an Expert: The ROI Problem with DIY Leadership Development
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