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Grow Your Own Leaders®

Grow Your Own LeadersYour organization's success is defined by one factor: the quality of your leaders. But developing great leaders has never been tougher. Now, drawing on experience with over 1,600 organizations, three renowned leadership consultants show exactly how to identify tomorrow's best leaders within your organization, accelerate their development and deployment, and maximize their value to your organization.

Comprehensive and practical, Grow Your Own Leaders® covers every phase of executive development and succession, introducing high-impact, no-bureaucracy techniques that work. You'll discover how to align executive development with corporate strategy; take full advantage of short-term assignments, professional coaching, and other new approaches; and ensure accountability and measure results.

Yesterday's rigid, static executive succession programs have become a key obstacle to success. Grow Your Own Leaders® introduces a flexible, high-speed approach designed for tomorrow's companies in tomorrow's marketplace-and shows you exactly how to implement it, from start to finish.

  • The crisis of executive leadership—and why conventional solutions don't work
    Effective leadership has never been more crucial-or in shorter supply.

  • Best practices for identifying "high potentials" in your own organization
    Why you should focus internally-and how to identify outstanding leaders who aren't "bubbling to the top".

  • Acceleration PoolsSM bringing new flexibility to executive succession
    Breakthrough executive development techniques that reflect the realities of today's organizations.

  • Delivering leaders fast, to meet tomorrow's challenges—whatever they are
    When opportunity knocks, will you have leaders ready to take advantage of it?

  • From assessment to results: translating diagnosis into action
    Individualized executive development that delivers on the promise you've identified.

  • 4 ways to turbocharge executive growth—and minimize HR bureaucracy
    High-impact solutions that require fewer forms and fewer meetings!


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