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Patient Experience

Improve patient-centered care

Think about the last time you or a loved one needed medical care. What sticks out to you? Probably the way you were treated by the staff—positively or negatively. Just like you, how patients are treated determines whether they’ll choose your organization in the future.

Your healthcare organization strives to provide quality medical care, and quality service must be an integral part of that care. Research shows that in addition to expecting technical expertise from staff, patients also want special service: a caring attitude, uninterrupted attention, courtesy, and respect. By giving that something extra, healthcare providers can exceed patient expectations.

Reintroducing Service Plus ® Health Care

Have you asked yourself these questions?

  • Does your workforce recognize that patient experience is an integral part of your culture?
  • Is there a need for a higher level of customer service and patient engagement?
  • Do team members struggle to turn around problem situations?

Service Plus ® course participants learn how important exceptional care is and how to meet the personal and practical needs of their patients. They learn not only how to deliver service that builds patient loyalty, but also why they need to do this.

Service Plus ® will help your team:

  • Meet and exceed patients’ and other customers’ personal and practical needs consistently and reliably.
  • Conduct effective, efficient interactions
  • Handle difficult or emotionally charged situations.
  • Work as a team to provide service beyond expectations.
  • Take personal initiatives that enhance the quality of service offered.
Talk to an Expert: Healthcare Patient Experience
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