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High-Resolution Leadership

A synthesis of 15,000 assessments into how leaders shape the business landscape

Download the report: High-Resolution Leadership

High-Resolution Leadership is a collection of findings that reflects how leadership shapes today's business landscape. Through 18 different lenses focused on leadership, we see everything from how leaders impact financial growth and execute economic turnaround to the ways in which they skyrocket rise to the top.

As the most powerful synthesis of data of its kind, this landmark report includes 15,000 DDI leadership assessment participants ranging from frontline leaders to the C-suite.

Through these insights, you can predict leader success in your own organization and explore the DNA of leadership.

"Predict #leader success in your org & explore the DNA of leadership."

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The Findings


Evan Sinar, Ph.D., Chief Scientist and Director of the Center for Analytics Behavioral Research (CABER), DDI
Matthew Paese Ph. D., Vice President, Succession Management & C-Suite Services, DDI
Audrey Smith, Ph.D., Senior Vice President for Talent Diagnostic Solutions, DDI
Bruce Watt, Ph.D., Managing Director for DDI Europe
Rich Wellins, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, DDI

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