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HR Anticipator Workshop:
Transitioning to Strategic HR

HR’s new role—are you ready?

The landscape of HR has changed—again. Over the last two decades HR has worked hard to evolve from being administrators or reactors to becoming business partners. But the bar is constantly rising and now HR needs to build credibility with a whole network of partners in the business and take on a new role we call the “anticipator.”

Anticipators are always looking for what might come next and add value to their organisations by connecting business and people strategies. They predict future talent gaps, and then strive to close them. Anticipators can proactively advise leaders on the probability of their strategies succeeding based on available talent and its quality and suggest the corrected course to manage the talent.

Anticipators are also an integral part of their organisation’s overall business planning process. This strategic HR involvement pays off big for their organisations, which enjoy much stronger leadership bench strength and stronger financial performance than organisations in which HR’s involvement in the planning process occurs late or is nonexistent.

However, our research shows that only 11 percent of business leaders consider their organisation’s HR function to be anticipators, nearly four times fewer than those who consider HR a reactor.

Leverage data to become more strategic and drive HR into the future

Organisations with HR connected to their strategic planning have 3x stronger leadership bench strength and 6x stronger financial performance.So how can HR professionals make progress and become anticipators? It starts with getting to know the business itself and the data they have access to. HR analytics, especially predictive analytics are the anticipator’s lifeblood. And, for the first time, automation and technology are in place to give HR the freedom to focus on providing data-driven business advice and make recommendations that will help achieve the company goals, balancing the short-term risks and long-term benefits.

Ready to bring data-driven advice to HR and launch your organisation into the future?

Join us for the HR Anticipator Workshop - Transitioning to Strategic HR and learn how to:

  • Realise the impact and business benefit the HR function can bring to the organisation
  • Analyse the business context and understand the big picture to become a true business advisor
  • Use people analytics to come up with data-driven solutions
  • Conduct impactful discussions with business leaders and learn provocative questioning techniques to challenge current perspectives
  • Translate the business needs into actionable solutions for maximum organisational impact
  • Identify a long-term people initiative that supports and accelerates the realisation of business plans
  • Evaluate the business network to build supportive and reciprocal long-term working relationships at all levels of the organisation
  • Spark action in others by engaging them both emotionally and rationally
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