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Automated Production Simulation

A revolution in assessment for plant start-ups and expansions

DDI’s Automated Production Simulation (APS) is a hands-on assessment for manufacturers to use as part of the hiring process. The APS leverages technology to monitor and evaluate participant performance on critical tasks, eliminating the need for continuous observation by assessors.

The Automated Production Simulation will:

  • Measure candidates’ technological capabilities with utmost accuracy.
  • Drive better hiring decisions using state-of-the-art analytics.
  • Deliver a realistic preview of factory work to uninitiated applicants.
  • Reduce monitoring time for assessing competencies.
  • Attract high-quality candidates and build your hiring brand.

The APS modular system:

  • Features two distinct substations:
    • Routine Installation and Process Monitoring
    • Inspection and Mounting
  • Can be configured to conduct one-hour or half-day (or longer) assessments.
  • Incorporates instruction, practice, and scored production phases within each module.
  • Uses computer-based administrator interfaces to provide real-time performance data.
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