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Building a Diverse Workforce

Align diversity and inclusion initiatives to support strategic and cultural priorities

Our approach to building workforce diversity goes beyond awareness programs to address the underlying systems, mindsets, and behaviors that can limit workforce diversity.

Plan for Success

DDI will work with you to assess the status of your current initiatives, determine your specific goals and objectives, and leverage our expert research and experience to offer suggestions and recommendations through:

Business Alignment

Ensure that your diversity and inclusion initiatives are aligned to and support your strategic and cultural priorities.

Organizational Diagnostics

Get an objective review and scorecard of your current practices using a variety of formats including surveys, interviews, and focus groups. DDI diagnostic options can target all aspects of your talent management systems or specific areas including:

  • Unleashing Leadership Potential: Environmental Scan
    Our Unleashing Leadership Potential: Environmental Scan enables companies to get an objective review of current leadership potential practices. The process, which can be delivered in a variety of formats including surveys, interviews, and focus groups, targets a company’s approach to leadership potential.
  • Women in Leadership: Acceleration Audit
    Take an objective look at your talent practices to find specific barriers to leadership for women and identify opportunities for improvement. With our Women in Leadership: Acceleration Audit, you can:
    • Compare and benchmark your practices against 2,500 organizations.
    • Learn which of your practices most impact critical diversity outcomes.
    • Opt for a deeper dive with a qualitative review of your existing strategies, initiatives, processes, practices, policies, and/or programs.
  • Selection Audit
    DDI experts will thoroughly examine your selection process to determine the root causes that may be hampering your hiring success. Find out how your recruiting materials, selection tools, interviewer training, hiring criteria, and decision-making process are supporting or undermining your efforts to hire diverse sources of talent. In addition, the audit will help you avoid legal risk by verifying selection credibility.

Planning Workshops

All elements of your initiative—including communication, accountabilities, supporting skills, alignment with other systems, and metrics—are clearly mapped out and ready for execution.

Deliver Success

Drive Objectivity and Fairness in Talent Systems

Talent systems within your organization may be limiting diversity. People decisions, like selection, promotion and high-potential identification may not be bias-free, lacking objectivity and fairness. For more than four decades, DDI has helped organizations bring objectivity to talent decisions through:

  • Success ProfilesSM
    If you are not clear about what you are looking for then the risk of subjectivity and opinion increases dramatically. The key is to have clear and validated criteria to guide people-related decisions. This helps to level the playing field by minimizing the entry of subjective criteria. DDI provides proven, flexible, comprehensive job analysis and compe­tency management solutions to help you efficiently and accurately identify the competencies, personal attributes, knowledge, and experiences that define an ideal performer —what we call Success ProfilesSM.
  • Interviewing that Reduces Bias
    The interview remains the most commonly used assessment method in selection and promotion decisions. Structured interviews based on past be­havior and focused on competencies can significantly minimize the subjective judgments and unconscious bias that limit diversity. DDI’s Targeted Selection®
  • Objective Assessments of Behavior, Performance, and Potential
    DDI offers a range of validated and objective assessments to support key talent decisions in selection, development, and potential. The right assessment data provides the objective intelligence that can reduce bias and increase diversity.

Shift Leader Mindsets and Behaviors

Leaders continue to play a critical role in a range of people decisions. The key is to equip them with the tools, insights, and skills to surface and leverage diverse sources of talent.

  • Finding Leadership Potential Workshop
    DDI’s Finding Leadership Potential Workshop is designed to build leaders’ ability to spot and develop diverse sources of talent in their teams. This workshop helps leaders recognize and reduce their own natural biases and surface a wider range of talent. The workshop is suit­able for all leaders who need to embrace their roles as talent scouts, but particularly important for managers involved in high-potential initiatives.

Advance Opportunities for Underrepresented Groups and Individuals

Certain groups remain underrepresented in leadership and key roles. To promote greater diversity there is value in building programs and initiatives that proactively advance opportunities for these groups.

  • Women in Leadership Programs
    Custom Women in Leadership solutions create a stronger pipeline of women leaders and accelerate your goals for promoting women in leadership. To accelerate development for women, DDI offers Ignite Your Impact: Women in LeadershipSM program, a series of two-hour, face-to-face, and virtual sessions that address issues confronting women at all organizational levels in formal or informal leadership roles.
  • Tailored Solutions for Key Groups
    DDI can work with you to co-create a custom high-potential initiative for key groups. Custom programs may include:
    • A kick-off with executive stakeholders.
    • An orientation for managers to support and reinforce development.
    • A high-fidelity pre-assessment with feedback from an executive coach.
    • Opportunities for experiential learning, presentations, and reflections.
    • Activities and tools before and after core learning days.
    • Development planning, monthly check-ins, and ongoing coaching.
    • Built-in measurement to evaluate impact on leaders, teams, and the business.

Measure Success

We know what your stakeholders need: proof of ROI. With our built-in sustainability and online measurement tools, you’ll have the know-how and data to demonstrate both the leadership and business impact of all DDI solutions.


Talk to an Expert: Building a Diverse Workforce
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