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Business Impact Leadership®:
Mid-Level Series

High-impact development for mid-level leaders

Mid-level leaders and middle managers are the “make it happen” people who turn your organization’s goals into reality. But with ever-increasing spans of control, the complexity of global business, and rapid change, their jobs have become tougher—often overwhelming—and they feel flattened. Little wonder that only 10 percent of middle managers feel well-prepared for the challenges your business is facing.

Business Impact Leadership® is the leadership development program which can elevate your mid-level leaders and middle managers to the top of their game. With DDI’s mid-level leadership series, you can:

  • Connect development to the business context.
  • Build highly capable leaders who can take your business where it needs to go.
  • Accelerate mid-level leaders and fill your leadership pipeline with managers ready to take on more responsibility.
  • Leverage DDI's PinpointSM platform to place diagnostic tools and acceleration resources at leaders' fingertips.

While other management courses can often be one-size fits all, our mid-level series focuses on leadership courses designed for middle managers. Business Impact Leadership® offers case studies, discovery learning, self-insight tools, manager support tools, and networking opportunities perfectly suited to the mid-level audience. Our content is relevant, engaging, and focused on successful application and implementation. We engage our participants with learning experiences that enable mid-level leaders to meet their role's demands and drive success in their organization. Learn more by downloading an overview, watching preview videos or exploring the course series.


Our Accelerating Leadership Transitions program is designed for new mid-level leaders. It is critcal to help ensure that your new leaders are well-equipped for the many challenges that middle management leaders often face. This program helps guide new mid-level managers on their journey into their new role, but also helps prepare them for the road ahead, filled with tough decisions, shaping new talent, and driving performance for your organization.

The Business Impact Leadership® series can be used in a Learning Journey that may include leadership assessments, on-the-job assignments, and executive coaching to amplify and reinforce development. We have found success through using our series of leadership development assets to increase both short-term and long-term middle management success.

Talk to an Expert: Middle Management Training: Business Impact Leadership®
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