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Creating an Inclusive Workplace

Align diversity and inclusion initiatives to support strategic and cultural priorities

Our approach to leveraging diversity and inclusion goes beyond awareness programs to develop the mindsets and behaviors that foster inclusion and unleash hidden potential.

Plan for Success

DDI will work with you to assess the status of any current initiatives, determine your specific goals and objectives, and leverage our expert research and experience to offer suggestions and recommendations. This includes:

Business Alignment

Ensure that your diversity and inclusion initiatives are aligned to and support your strategic and cultural priorities.

Organizational Diagnostics

Get an objective review and scorecard of your current practices using a variety of formats including surveys, interviews, and focus groups. DDI’s diagnostic options can target all aspects of your talent management systems or specific areas.

Planning Workshops

All elements of your initiative—including communication, accountabilities, supporting skills, alignment with other systems, and metrics—are clearly mapped out and ready for execution.

Deliver Success

Developing the Behaviors and Mindsets that Foster Inclusion

The true value of diversity will only be realized when individuals experience the psychological safety that allows them to freely share their ideas, perspectives, and views. This starts with leaders, who set the tone for an inclusive workplace and who role model the mindsets and behaviors at the heart of inclusion.

For more than four decades DDI’s programs have focused on the behaviors that foster inclusion. Interaction Management® is a leadership development system that has been used by leading orga­nizations to develop more than 10 million leaders worldwide. At the core of Interaction Management® are the Interaction Essentials, a set of skills and behaviors that underpin the core requirements of an inclusive workplace—respect, understanding, encouraging ideas, trust, and ownership. Supported by DDI’s Pinpoint platform, leaders can quickly integrate the skills they learn in IM® into their daily routine through access to tools and acceleration resources available anytime, anywhere, on any device.

In addition to Interaction Management®, DDI offers a range of programs in different formats including classroom, virtual, and web-based that address valuing differences and creating an inclusive environment.

The most effective way to build the desired mindsets and behaviors of leaders is to acquire and reinforce them through a learning journey rather than a single session or event. This sample Learning Journey for frontline leaders represents one approach for developing leaders who operate with inclusive mindsets and behaviors. Let's work together to create a custom solution for your organization.

Building inclusive mindsets and behaviors

Building Commitment for Diversity and Inclusion

Leaders at all levels play a critical role setting the tone across the organization for diversity and inclusion. Their actions and words have a significant influence on the culture of an organization. Programs and initiatives that build commitment and sponsorship for diversity and inclusion initiatives can have a significant impact.

  • Finding Leadership Potential Workshop
    DDI’s Finding Leadership Potential Workshop is designed to build leaders’ ability to spot and leverage diverse sources of talent in their teams. These workshops help leaders recognize and reduce their own natural biases and surface a wider range of talent. They are suit­able for all leaders who need to embrace their roles as talent scouts, but particularly important for managers involved in high-potential initiatives.
  • Men as Allies
    DDI’s Men as Allies session empowers male leaders and colleagues to be allies to women. It uniquely focuses on what men can do to champion women versus what they cannot do.
  • Men as Allies Executive Session
    DDI’s Men as Allies Executive Session provides confirmation of the business case for more women in senior leadership roles. Senior leaders in the session examine enablers and barriers, identify personal and enterprise-wide actions, and establish specific lead/lag measures to progress.

Address Unconscious Bias and Its Impact

For more than four decades, DDI has worked with clients to reduce bias and increase fairness in leader behaviors and people systems. The concepts of unconscious bias are deeply embedded in several DDI programs and tools including Targeted Selection®, Men as Allies, and our Talent Scout workshop. More specifically, we offer a microcourse that addresses the issue of unconscious bias and provides tips on how to manage unconscious bias. This can be used as a standalone option and/or included in a broader learning journey.

Measure Success

We know what your stakeholders need: proof of ROI. With our built-in sustainability and online measurement tools, you’ll have the know-how and data to demonstrate both the leadership and business impact of all DDI solutions.


Talk to an Expert: Creating an Inclusive Workplace
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