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Early Identifier

Multi-method assessment to identify leadership potential, sooner

The Early Identifier is an online assessment that predicts leadership growth in several areas based on a person’s foundational traits, motivations, and initial skills. Those predictions can be used for more targeted development and guide you towards better succession, promotion, development, and business strategy decisions.

The Early Identifier will help your organization:

  • Identify leadership potential at the individual contributor and front-line leader levels.
  • Provide a common language when discussing leadership potential.
  • Improve development discussions between participants and their managers. 
  • Forecast the depth of your leadership bench.
  • Surface environmental trends that drive leadership growth and retention.

How the Early Identifier helps you surface and activate early leadership potential:

  • Provides an easy, scalable assessment for broad use across your organization.
  • Engages participants with a multi-method online experience that places them in realistic leadership situations.
  • Delivers personalized reports that provide participants and their managers with in-depth development guidance and actions based on the participants’ personality insights and current skills. 
  • Produces dynamic reports comparing individual results and identifying group trends in leadership potential and retention risks.

The Early Identifier focuses on three main areas of leadership potential: Achieve, Lead, and Grow. They capture the key predictors for how individuals develop and perform as a leader and understanding them early is essential to targeting and accelerating development. With Early Identifier, you can predict who is likely to:

  • Achieve—How individuals persist through obstacles and drive for results, anchored on dependability and collaboration.
  • Lead—How individuals take responsibility to lead and challenge others by facilitating change and developing their teams.
  • Grow—How individuals embrace complex challenges and ideas with curiosity and receptivity to feedback.
LPEI model: achieve, lead, grow

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