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Executing Business Strategy

Translating strategy into reality

Developing a great business strategy is one thing; executing it is another. Your organization can have a great business strategy, but the efforts of even your best and brightest leaders will be wasted unless they follow through with effective execution.

Turn managers into leaders who can translate strategy into results with DDI’s Executing Business StrategySM. This program will help your leaders to:

  • Apply a process for translating strategy into action.
  • Determine strategic priorities and measures to ensure focus for their business units.
  • Establish clear accountability to drive strategic priorities and align capabilities for successful execution.
  • Learn how to leverage organizational systems to achieve business and cultural strategy.
  • Develop a plan for ongoing communication around strategy and tactics.

Executing Business Strategy consists of three sessions and can be customized to meet your organization’s needs: Translating Business into Action, Aligning Organizational Capability, and Leveraging Organizational Systems. In preparing for the sessions, leaders complete an organizational assessment and collect existing information about the organization’s vision, values, and strategies.

This custom-designed session will deliver the following outputs:

  • Clear, specific strategic priorities with lead and lag measures.
  • Clear accountabilities for achieving each strategic priority.
  • Identification of core and job competencies for your leadership team members.
  • Assessment of your leadership team’s capabilities to implement your business unit’s strategies.
  • Identification of systems that help or hinder strategy execution.
  • Action plans to leverage organizational systems.
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