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Millennial Leadership Program

Accelerating your emerging leaders

Your strategies for Millennial leaders—in selection, development, and succession—will determine how quickly these emerging leaders will be ready to ascend the organizational pipeline. Contrary to popular belief, Millennial leaders are engaged in their role as a leader and 35 percent see themselves in a senior leadership role someday.

DDI will help identify and accelerate these emerging leaders by helping you:

  • Select and promote your emerging leaders
  • Develop a “just for me” blended learning experience
  • Engage managers of Millennials to accelerate their growth

DDI’s assessment and development solutions will help you:

Select the best based on data

You can select, promote, and onboard the best Millennial leaders based on data-driven insights from DDI’s automated diagnostics and Targeted Selection® system.

Develop emerging leaders who engage & inspire others

Boost engagement and business results to build critical leadership skills like emotional intelligence, effective communication, coaching, leading change, resolving conflict, and more with DDI’s award-winning Interaction Management® (IM®).

Design a “just for me” learning experience

Offer emerging leaders a blend of high-touch or technology-enabled options like instructor-led or virtual classroom courses, microcourses, games, simulations, and more with DDI’s expansive mix of content, tools.

Identify who’s “ready now” or “ready next”

Identify high potentials earlier, assess for strengths and derailers, and accelerate their growth toward general executive capabilities to create a pool of agile leaders who are available and ready for key posts when vacancies occur, using DDI’s acceleration approach.

Engage leaders to accelerate growth of millennials

An interactive microcourse on Managing Millennials busts common myths and transforms leaders’ perspectives on who these emerging leaders are and what they need.

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