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Finding the First Rung

New DDI research uncovers the challenges facing today's frontline leaders.

It’s long been an issue for organizations worldwide: frontline leaders struggle in their jobs. Why? DDI went straight to the source to hear directly from 1,130 frontline managers. The feedback paints a clear picture of several issues organizations need to tackle to better promote from within.

Major findings from the study:

  1. Only 11 percent of managers are promoted through a formal development program, and half of all managers took their promotion for the money.
  2. Forty-five percent of managers described their first year as “challenging,” and 57 percent of managers say they learned their leadership skills through trial and error.
  3. Only 56 percent of managers in their first year have a good understanding of the job, while 30 percent of all managers spend most of their time on administrative tasks.
  4. Eighty-seven percent of leaders rate their leadership skills highly, but nearly the same number (89 percent) have at least one leadership “blind spot,” an area where they think they are better than they actually are.

Download the study, Finding the First Rung.

Talk to an Expert: Finding the First Rung
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