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A Study on the State of Frontline Leadership: An Australian Perspective

In 2013, DDI Australia surveyed 224 HR professionals on the state of frontline leadership to better understand how their leaders are handling the demands of today.

The result? The state of frontline leadership is best described as average. But why? Is it the fault of the leaders themselves? Is it their organisations? Or a combination of both? This report explores these questions by examining the current state of frontline leader quality, and what organisations are doing both right and wrong to set up their frontline leaders for success. We also examine the implications of these findings, and offer recommendations for improving the quality and effectiveness of the frontline leadership in your organisation.



Hear client stories on how they developed and transformed their leaders.

Get resources to ensure a strong leadership pipeline with no weak links.

Find out what every leader needs to do every day to drive workplace productivity.

Take a closer look at why leadership development programs fail.

Talk to an Expert: A Study on the State of Frontline Leadership: An Australian Perspective
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