STAR Method

What’s the STAR Method?

DDI invented the STAR method as one of the simplest and most effective ways to communicate in an interview or when providing feedback. It’s based on 3 simple components:

  • ST: Situation/Task - Explain the situation or task so others understand the context.
  • A: Action - Give details about what you or another person did to handle the situation.
  • R: Result - Describe what was achieved by the action and why it was effective.

STARs are typically given in relation to a specific competency. Whether structuring an interview or feedback, the STAR model is a powerful tool for every leader.

STAR Method Interviews

Most often, you’ll hear about the STAR method being used in interviews. That’s because it’s a key part of behavioral interviewing. (That’s the style of interviewing that starts with “Tell me about a time when…”)

The STAR method is an important part of interviewing because it requires job candidates to prove how they solved problems. That way, they can’t just tell you what they think you want to hear. They have to prove it.

But behavioral interviewing is so much more. Are you ready to get started?

Learn about behavioral interviewing

model of the STAR method comparing two star models, one with STAR spelled out on it showing how to give positive feedback and the other with STAR AR (alternate result), or how to give feedback for improvement?auto=format&q=75

Don’t Forget STAR/AR

Let’s face it: lots of things don’t turn out the way we planned. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, those can make the best learning opportunities.

To guide development in those learning moments, DDI also created the STAR/AR method:

  • ST: Situation/Task - Explain the situation or task.
  • A: Action - Give details about what you or another person did to handle the situation.
  • R: Result - Describe the consequences, and why the action was ineffective.
  • A: Alternative action - Discuss what could have been differently.
  • R: Alternative Result - Share how the different action could have produced a better result.

With the STAR/AR format, you can give feedback that turns mistakes into positive lessons.

Using the STAR Method for Feedback

The STAR approach works for more than just interviewing. It’s the perfect structure for giving feedback. When leaders use the STAR or STAR/AR model to give feedback, they’re clear and specific.

So every employee knows exactly why what they did that worked. And if they made a mistake, they’ll learn how to improve.

Help your leaders learn to give great feedback when they are introduced to the STAR approach in several Interaction Management® leadership courses.

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