Develop Inclusive Leadership

Your Leaders Make or Break an Inclusive Environment

Diversity isn’t just a numbers game. After all, you can hire for that. But people will move through your company like a revolving door if you don’t practice inclusive leadership. 

Inclusive leadership depends on engaging diverse teams. Leaders need to learn to leverage individual abilities. Appreciate people's differences. Listen deeply to other perspectives and ideas. And embrace different styles. 

With DDI, you can build the skills your leaders need to set the tone for inclusion. That way, your diversity and inclusion program doesn’t become just about statistics. It becomes a part of your culture and how you do business. 

The Business Case for Inclusive Leadership


Businesses with inclusive cultures are 8x more likely to achieve better business outcomes. Deloitte, 2018


Companies with inclusive leaders see a 17% increase in performance increase in team performance. Deloitte, 2018


80% of companies say they're ineffective at developing a diverse and inclusive leadership bench. Gartner, 2019

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How DDI Can Help

With DDI’s Create an Inclusive Environment Program, we help your leaders develop the skills they need to engage and value every person on their team. Leaders will be able to: 

  • Recognize stereotypes and their impact on decisions. 
  • Reach out to people who have been excluded and invite them to the table. 
  • Encourage the voice of every team member. 
  • Advocate for different perspectives. 
  • Build and sustain trust. 

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Get Started on a Learning Journey to Inclusion

Inclusive leadership won’t happen overnight. It takes a journey to get there. 

DDI has created a blended learning journey that gives leaders the knowledge and skills they need to practice inclusion. Throughout the experience, we engage leaders in discussions that help them build bonds with each other. At the same time, we also build in time for self-reflection and awareness. The program includes: 

  • A self-assessment to reflect on strengths and gaps 
  • A high-impact workshop to build empathy and involvement to create an inclusive environment 
  • Microlearning to boost skills in minutes with short digital experiences 
  • On-demand tools to sustain and practice learning 

The result? Leaders who know how to embrace inclusion and leverage diverse thinking for better business results. 

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