Measuring the Impact of Leadership Development

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You know measuring the impact of leadership development is critical. Not to mention, your stakeholders are demanding it. The problem? You don’t know where to start.

DDI takes the guesswork out of measuring your leadership efforts. From access to dynamic dashboards to analysis from multiple perspectives, our measurement options give you the insight to improve effectiveness and impact.

How DDI Has Earned Results for Our Clients


Sales increase for a pharmaceutical company after leaders completed DDI’s leadership training

DDI, PROOF: That DDI’s Leadership Training Pays Off


Reduction in accidents at an equipment manufacturer after 400 employees participated in DDI’s Interaction Management

DDI, PROOF: That DDI’s Leadership Training Pays Off


An investment firm saw $4 million in cost savings from reduced turnover after the organization implemented DDI’s Interaction Management

DDI, PROOF: That DDI’s Leadership Training Pays Off
a graph that shows according to the Global Leadership Forecast 2018 research, only 18% of organizations measure business impact?auto=format&q=75

Measure the Impact of Better Leaders

It can be easy to showcase the success of your DDI programs. With our Impact Evaluation approach, you can evaluate a program’s impact on your leader’s reactions, learning, behavior change, and on organization-level metrics. Plus, you can also measure perceptions of key stakeholders.

DDI’s Impact Evaluation has all the tools and templates you need. Start with a set of standard benchmarking surveys to your target group and leave the data analysis to us. With easy-to-use reports and a dynamic dashboard, you can slice and dice the data as you need.

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Illustration depicting real time feedback on new habits?auto=format&q=75

Get Real-Time Feedback on New Habits

After your leaders complete a DDI leadership development program, you want to know if they’re applying their new skills back on the job.

In partnership with Rhabit Analytics, you can track progress, sustain skills, and measure results of your DDI program. We offer an easy-to-use platform for peers and team members to anonymously give competency-based feedback for leaders from any device. Then, leaders use the platform’s dashboard to get clear results and quick tips to improve.

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Not all leadership development is created equal, and there’s a sizable difference between leadership development that delivers results and development that doesn’t. That’s what sets DDI apart!

— DDI, PROOF: That DDI’s Leadership Training Pays Off

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