Team Engagement and Retention Program

Team Engagement Is the Secret to Retention

As the Great Resignation rages on, employees have little tolerance for poor leadership. If their boss isn't engaging them - especially in a virtual world - they're ready to find a new job where they are engaged.

There’s no time to waste. DDI’s leadership development program is proven to develop the skills your leaders need to drive team engagement and retention. 

How We Help Leaders Drive Team Engagement


81% of employees whose leader attended DDI leadership training reported increased engagement.

DDI, PROOF, 2017


On average, engagement scores improved 51% after leaders attended DDI training

DDI, PROOF, 2017


On average, companies experienced a 77% decrease in turnover after leaders attended DDI training

DDI, PROOF, 2017
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Build Leadership Skills that Drive Engagement

DDI’s Boost Engagement and Retention Program helps leaders develop the most critical skills they need to build morale and engagement. Leaders will learn how to: 

  • Respond to the personal and practical needs of their team members 
  • Apply DDI’s five Key Principles to communicate effectively 
  • Provide meaningful, supportive feedback 
  • Uncover what every individual needs to be satisfied and engaged at work 
  • Build trust with their teams 
  • Create an inclusive environment that values every team member’s contribution. 

The result? Managers with strong interpersonal skills who can boost engagement. 

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Get started on a learning journey

It takes time to build team engagement. DDI’s program takes leaders on a journey to build strong relationships with their teams over time. 

The program includes: 

  • A self-assessment to reflect on strengths and gaps 
  • High-impact workshops focused on communication, inclusion, and engagement 
  • Short digital experiences to cement skills 
  • On-demand tools to sustain and practice learning 

Of course, it’s up to you to decide on the blend of formats you’d like. From the traditional classroom to entirely virtual experiences, we can flex to the format that works best for your team.

Our frontline leaders live the culture and, because there is a large number of them, they have the opportunity to affect so many other people. It creates a snowball effect… it would be easy to lose bits of the culture if not for a program focused on these leaders.

— Lauren Lewis, Instructional Designer, Progressive Insurance

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