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Meet our Leadership Team

Roberto Cárdenas
Roberto Cárdenas

Managing Director DDI LATAM

Hi, my name is Roberto Cárdenas, I lead the LATAM’s team as Managing Director at DDI. I have worked at DDI for more than 20 years and during all this time I have had the privilege of working with companies from different countries and industries in the design and implementation of their leadership strategy to select, develop and promote their best talent within their organizations. Before working for DDI I worked at Celanese Mexicana for 15 years, in the end as Corporate Manager of Organizational Development and Labor Relations.

I love working with leadership teams to determine how to drive business results through a talent and leadership strategy that allows the full development of their capabilities, guaranteeing results in the short, medium and long term.

I have many hobbies, among the most important are sports, I like almost all of them but lately I have been passionate about playing golf.

At DDI we are specialists in leadership, and we enjoy being by your side.

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