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Mike HobanMike Hoban is a U.S.-based Senior Consultant for DDI. With DDI since 1996, he has more than 35 years of combined experience as a consultant, manager, and business owner and has held staff and line management positions. He lived in Hong Kong and led DDI’s Hong Kong/South China consulting teams from 2013-2014. Mike provides thought leadership and effective solutions in areas such as succession management, leadership development, executive coaching, and change management. He wrote a business column for a Chicago-area daily newspaper for 12 years and has also been a blogger for Fast Company.

While leadership and interpersonal skills are always important, using Key Principles in a crisis are essential.
Posted: 4/2/2020 by Mike Hoban
The “best companies to work for” are likely the best because they have great leaders at all levels.
Posted: 5/29/2019 by Mike Hoban
For strategic leaders, “seeing,” is about not only visual acuity but visual agility as well.
Posted: 12/5/2018 by Mike Hoban
Moving from operational to strategic leadership requires a different skill set.
Posted: 11/7/2018 by Mike Hoban
The “World’s Greatest Leader” looked beyond analytics to end a 108-year losing streak.
Posted: 5/9/2017 by Mike Hoban
Could artificial intelligence one day provide actual leadership coaching?
Posted: 4/25/2017 by Mike Hoban
As a succession management professional, you thought you’ve had some tough assignments. But none are more complex or closely scrutinized than the transition of the U.S. government.
Posted: 12/13/2016 by Mike Hoban
To make products that are both in-demand and well-crafted, organizations need senior leaders who are masters of both right brain and left brain thinking.
Posted: 6/22/2016 by Mike Hoban
3 must-do’s for organizations that want to identify who has the right stuff to succeed at significantly higher levels of leadership.
Posted: 3/21/2016 by Mike Hoban
Evaluating talent—especially leadership talent—is fraught with vague ideas and lack of agreement about what leadership “potential” is.
Posted: 4/10/2014 by Mike Hoban
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