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Leadership ideas, trends, and smarts

Welcome to Leader Pulse, DDI’s blog that has its finger on the pulse of leadership trends, practices, and ideas. Here, DDI’s leadership experts from around the world share insights, offer opinions and points of view, and spark debate on current leadership issues.

December 2015

Employing People with Disabilities: Why Should You Care?
Those with disabilities are an essential ingredient to any overall diversity effort.
Posted: 22 Dec, 2015, by Rich Wellins, Ph.D.
Are You Stupider Than You Think?
Studies report that processes for hiring, developing people, and conducting performance management are seriously flawed.
Posted: 18 Dec, 2015, by Diane Bock
Is Sustainability Really the Goal?
Sustainability and reinforcement is part of most training initiatives. But how can we go beyond sustaining to learning that is integrated into our daily lives?
Posted: 15 Dec, 2015, by Liza Hummel
How Leaders Can Navigate the Internet of Things in the Workplace
Without trusted, data-savvy leaders, applying the Internet of Things to the workplace will crush employee morale.
Posted: 09 Dec, 2015, by Evan Sinar, Ph.D.
Think Like a Writer to Tell Your Analytics Story
When presenting analytics, tell a story. Your audience wants more than an ending; they want characters, conflict, and an engrossing plot.
Posted: 02 Dec, 2015, by Evan Sinar, Ph.D.
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