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The Multigenerational Workforce: Getting in Touch with Our Social Selves

This is the first of a series of blogs done on how the generations differ in the worklace based on a survey conducted by the author. Read more about the survey.

By Verity Creedy

Verity Bissett-PowellAlong with the generation debate, the other hot topic around the boardroom table is about the role of web 2.0 in communication and personal development. So how much are the younger generations crying out for inter-office networking and facebook-for-work?

As a preferred interaction approach, email remains the favourite with 100% of all surveyed responding that they consider it appropriate for professional communication. Telephone contact is similarly approved although only 29% from across the generations thought that voice-over-IP (VOIP) is a valuable tool. When it comes to networking though, there is a clear distinction between professional networking with sites such as LinkedIn considered acceptable by 38% of those surveyed and very little generational variance among the responses. A surprise perhaps as the younger generation is evaluated to be “a global community."

Social networking also received a lower evaluation as an appropriate method of professional communication. There were generational variances, with the younger generations being more in favour than Traditionals or Boomers, but certainly not enough to hurry to invest in “workbook”.

The increase in acceptance of professional and social networkers among the younger generations may become more prevalent when the Z generations enter the workforce. One impact of this networking may be that controlling information is not as easy as once before, but it does also mean that with the comfort with new technology comes a generation of workers comfortable with change, a benefit that can be used to shape future strategies.

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Verity Creedy is a business development executive with DDI in the United Kingdom.

Posted: 28 Jun, 2011,
Talk to an Expert: The Multigenerational Workforce: Getting in Touch with Our Social Selves
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