John Verdone explaining Leadership 480


The Number That Means Everything for Leaders 

The dynamic that exists between leaders and time revolves around one powerful number: 480. 

Publish Date: May 1, 2019

Read Time: 4 min

Author: David Tessmann-Keys

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For leaders today, everything, it would seem, changes constantly. But there is one constant: the constant demands on leaders’ time. Indeed, time is the one variable leaders can’t control. 

We at DDI have been thinking a lot about the dynamic that exists between leaders and time. And we’ve come to understand it revolves around one powerful number. 

That number is 480.

To understand why this is, I encourage you to watch this video featuring John Verdone, one of DDI’s leadership experts, who recently gave an excellent speech at a conference on how our work lives are driven by the number 480 without us realizing it.  

He also introduces a powerful new approach to leadership that’s built on that number, Leadership 480SM. 

In Conclusion:

Welcome to Leadership 480SM

Beginning today, you’re going to hear a lot more from DDI about Leadership 480SM and the ways we help leaders make the most of their 480 minutes, days, and months. 

I invite you to take a bit of your time—just a few of the precious 480 minutes you have in your day—to learn more about Leadership 480SM. 

Learn more about how DDI helps leaders make every moment of leadership count.

David Tessmann-Keys is president of DDI.

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