Leadership 480

We failed to create a 25th hour in the day

Instead, we created Leadership 480SM.

For five decades, we’ve worked by the side of millions of leaders around the world. And we constantly see how hard they work to become better leaders. But their biggest barrier? Time. 

We can change that. Leadership 480SM is DDI’s strategic framework to help you hire, promote, and develop exceptional leaders who maximize their effectiveness in every minute, every day, and every month of their careers. And it all revolves around one powerful number: 480.

The Leadership 480 Breakdown


Minutes to Build Core leadership skills for everyday success


Days to Meet business Challenges in your two-year business cycle


Months to Strategically advance leaders at every level of their Careers

Animation of the three phases of DDI's Leadership 480 development program: Core, Challenge, and Career?auto=format&q=75

Leadership 480

Leadership 480 is a strategic framework to help companies invest their time wisely to hire, promote, and develop exceptional leaders at every level. The framework is built on the fundamental need to maximize the use of a limited amount of time.

As a reminder of that limit, DDI anchors our approach to leadership on the number 480, which has meaningful implications across three horizons: 480 minutes in a day, 480 work days in a two-year business cycle, and 480 months across a 40-year career.

480 Minutes: Build core leadership skills for everyday success

Every work day, leaders have 480 minutes to make a difference. These small moments throughout the day are often when leaders have the greatest impact on others.

To be effective in these small but critical daily moments, every leader needs to develop core leadership skills that will help them connect with and motivate others. We can develop essential skills for every moment of leadership. Our leadership development subscription can provide a strong foundation for everyday success.

Build core leadership skills

illustration of the number 480 surrounded by various icons that represent the types of development within DDI's leadership 480 framework for leadership development, including a a video game controller to represent development games, as well as a leadership assessment report?auto=format&q=75

480 Days: Meet business challenges in your two-year business cycle

Most companies set their strategic business priorities for a two-year business cycle. But they often fail to ask a key question: Are our leaders equipped to meet these challenges?

A two year cycle only has about 480 work days. So it’s critical to ensure early on that your leaders have the skills to execute on your strategy. DDI offers thoughtfully designed programs that address the specific cultural and business priorities of your organization.

Upskill leaders to meet business challenges

480 Months: Strategically advance leaders at every level of their careers

Every leadership career is marked by critical moments of transition. Becoming a first-time leader. Learning to lead through new challenges. Stepping up to the executive ranks.

These are the most vulnerable moments, for the leader and the company. When these transitions go wrong, they can cause significant personal, financial, and cultural damage. But when they go well? Leaders step up to higher roles with strength and purpose. And the company has a strong pipeline of people to guide its future.

Create strong leadership careers

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