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Russ White - Vice President of Technology StrategyRuss White is DDI's Vice President of Technology Strategy. He oversees all of DDI's software development activities and establishes DDI's technology direction. Russ and his team are experts at applying Agile management techniques to a wide range of business environments beyond software development. Russ has over 30 years of experience aligning software and internet technologies to business needs in order to increase organizational performance.

As Agile takes root, things will move faster, stresses on individuals and teams will be different, and processes will morph.
Posted: 5/2/2017 by Jay Anderson and Russ White
The journey to Agile can be a bumpy ride, full of fear and uncertainty. Agile Ready Leaders need to recognize these fears and overcome the obstacles through communication.
Posted: 2/17/2017 by Russ White and Jay Anderson
Executives with strong opinions can unwittingly take the energy out of a project. It's up to Agile Ready Leaders to prioritize and protect the team.
Posted: 1/17/2017 by Jay Anderson and Russ White
To lead a cultural transformation to Agile, leaders require a very specific mindset.
Posted: 12/2/2016 by Russ White and Jay Anderson
Learn the basics about Agile and start building a foundation to explore what it means to be an Agile-ready leader.
Posted: 11/9/2016 by Jay Anderson and Russ White
Learn 5 ways to close the #LearningPerforming gap by reimaging how you think about fusing technology with your L&D practices.
Posted: 3/11/2016 by Barry Stern and Russ White
To close the #LearningPerforming gap, we are re-imagining how we think about fusing technology with our L&D practices, and in doing so, a new role has emerged.
Posted: 2/2/2016 by Barry Stern and Russ White
As technology continues shaping the L&D space, how do we fuse learning and technology to reimage current practices and better help leaders learn, develop, and perform?
Posted: 1/12/2016 by Barry Stern and Russ White
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