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When It Comes to Effective Interactions, “Our Words Matter”

By John Verdone

While we all know the importance of having effective interactions, as parents—and leaders—we all occasionally say things we regret. One memory of a time this happened to me stands out. I’d like to share it with you in this video.

As you’ll see in the story I recount, I forgot the importance of my words during an interaction I had with my son. What resulted was a moment I’m not particularly proud of. On the other hand, it led me to recommit to having more effective interactions by being more careful with what I say to others, and how I say it.

It’s a commitment I hope you’ll make this Father’s Day and beyond.


John Verdone is a Leadership Consultant and leads DDI’s Facilitator Excellence team.

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Posted: 13 Jun, 2017,
Talk to an Expert: When It Comes to Effective Interactions, “Our Words Matter”
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